Youth Programs

LRC has multiple programs that prevent delinquency and help young people transi­tion successfully to adulthood. Case managers work with individuals and in groups to assist youth with job coaching, housing support, and important life skills. Chil­dren ( and their families) struggling with truancy are also provided case manage­ment support to overcome barriers to school attendance.

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Jump on Board for Success

Jump On Board for Success (JOBS) assists young adults (ages 16-22) who are not enrolled in school and those in school who could benefit from extra support. The goals of the program are to help youth find and maintain employment and to support successful independence. LRC began managing JOBS in January, 2008.

JOBS Helps Youth:

  • Build “employment portfolios”, which contain important employment-related documents
  • Develop or improve job seeking, resume writing and interviewing skills
  • Arrange job shadow experiences, volunteer work & internships
  • Troubleshoot potential barriers to employment, such as transportation and scheduling
  • Maintain good communication with employers
  • Find and maintain stable housing and attain driver’s licenses,when necessary

Contact Jude Mathison: (802) 904-3240 or

Youth Development Program

The Youth Development Program (YDP) offers voluntary case management services to youth ages 14-23, who are, or have been, in the custody of the State through the Department for Children and Families (DCF). YDP provides access to a wide range of services designed to help youth transition from State custody and care to self-sufficiency and independent living.

Available services are youth-driven and focus on support participants in setting personal goals, identifying steps, removing barriers, and expanding natural support networks. YDP case managers provide:

  • life skills assessment,
  • training and coaching,
  • referrals to other services including mental health and substance abuse counseling,
  • access to health insurance and physical health care,
  • education planning and linkage to educational services and supports for high school completion/GED prep and or college preparation,
  • vocational support and training,
  • assistance in exploring and connecting with kinship networks and other social supports,
  • and safe housing options.

YDP case managers deliver services to youth in individual and group settings, and also provide opportunities for youth leadership experience. In particular, in coordination with YDP, the Youth Development Committee is a statewide youth advocacy group that provides youth input on child welfare policies, social worker trainings, and serves as a forum for youth voices.

Contact Joe Gardiner: (802) 585-4285 or

Balanced and Restorative Justice

Individualized support services, guided by restorative justice principles, for youth ages 10 through 18 who are on juvenile probation, at risk of becoming involved with the justice system, or struggling with school attendance.

Services could include:

  • Restorative Justice Panels:  involves community members, offenders, and victims in discussions to address the harm caused by delinquent acts and the actions needed to repair the damage.  The goal is to hold offenders accountable for the effects of their actions on others.
  • Restitution Services: ensures restitution payments are made to victims of delinquent acts.
  • Screening and Restorative Services: pre-screens youth using the Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI) to determine the services required, based on risk and needs.
  • Case Management Services: coordinates services for youth and their families that may include attendance at family and school team meetings, attendance at court hearings, curfew checks, drug and alcohol testing, home visits, supports for youth who are at risk or truant and therapeutic treatment meetings.
  • Restorative Classes, Skills Development, Prevention and Community Outreach: includes skill-building groups and activities on topics such as conflict resolution, social skills, problem-solving, decision making, community service, leadership, victim issues, effective communication and one-to-one supports for youth.

Contact Mark Scott: (802) 888-0656 or

Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program (YSASP)

YSASP provides an alternative to the civil court process for youth ages 16 through 20 who violate Vermont’s underage alcohol or marijuana laws. The YSASP case managers supervise individualized contracts, which include an assessment by a certified or licensed substance abuse counselor, a program fee, and other activities designed to promote learning and reflection.

In FY’ 20:

71 youth participated and 78% successfully completed the program.

Contact Denver Bodette: (802) 798-2197 or


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Lamoille Valley School Engagement Program

The Lamoille Valley School Engagement Program provides supportive intervention to students struggling with chronic school absenteeism who are referred by schools in the AHS region from Lamoille North SU, Lamoille South Unified Union and Orleans Southwest SU. Program staff facilitate communication and collaboration between schools and families, help families identify and overcome barriers to school attendance and avoid truancy charges, and provide individualized supports to students for sustained improvement in school attendance.