Resilience Beyond Incarceration

The trauma of parental incarceration can affect a child’s life forever. Resilience Beyond Incarceration (RBI) works to reduce adverse effects by supporting children and their caregivers through the challenges that come with involvement in the criminal justice system.

From 2003 through 2018, RBI provided comprehensive, clinical case management support for hundreds of children, youth, and families impacted by parental incarceration. More than ten years of data demonstrate the effectiveness of those efforts. Program participants had a 6% conviction rate later in life, compared to similar cohorts with rates from 24% to 61%. Their high school drop-out rate was 20%, significantly lower than expected. Their families achieved noticeable gains in social determinants of health as measured by the Self Sufficiency Matrix.

In 2018, after 15 years of honing our skills, knowledge, and expertise, we shifted the focus of our efforts. We no longer provide direct support to families. Instead, we offer training, consultation, and a variety of multi-media resources for community partners and agencies who are positioned to provide direct support.

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Downstream: The Effects of Parental Incarceration