Resilience Beyond Incarceration

On any given day. an estimated 2,000 Vermont children experience parental incarceration; that’s 6,000 children a year — the same as the number of Vermont babies born annually. One out of every 17 children in Vermont has had a mom or dad in prison. The trauma of parental incarceration can affect a child’s life forever. RBI works to reduce adverse effect by supporting children and their caregivers through the challenges that come with involvement in the criminal justice system. We provide clinical case management services to families living in the Lamoille Valley, and we offer consultation and training for community partners throughout Vermont. Contact Tricia Long: (802) 888-0538

 Clinical Case Management


Home Visiting

For nearly 15 years, Resilience Beyond Incarceration has been working with the children of incarcerated parents, along with their caregivers and families, using a multigenerational approach to reduce ACE’s and promote resiliency among this most vulnerable population.

Most parents in our program have experienced 8 to 10 ACE’s during their own childhood. Without effective intervention and support, intergenerational transmission of multiple adversities is likely.

We are specialists who support healthy child development by reducing risk factors and strengthening families. Our program is voluntary and free. We work with families in their homes, schools, health care and childcare settings, courtrooms and prisons. We provide support throughout the justice process, from arrest through incarceration and reentry.




Ten years of data demonstrate our effectiveness: 6% conviction rate later in life, compared to similar cohorts with rates ranging from 24% to 61%; high school drop-out rate of 20%, significantly lower than expected; and noticeable gains in social determinants of health as measured by the Self Sufficiency Matrix (SSM).

 Downstream: The Effects of Parental Incarceration