Re-entry Services

The Reentry Program at LRC serves individuals returning to the community after a period of incarceration. Supports include intensive service navigation to connect clients to needed services and opportunities for personal development, and Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA). A CoSA is a small team of community volunteers committed to meet with the client one time a week, for a year after their release, to support them through the challenging process of reintegrating into their community, establishing positive relationships, and avoiding re-offense. Clients are referred by the Department of Corrections, with whom the reentry team works closely to support the client to be fully compliant with their conditions of release and eventually, reduce the need for intensive correctional supervision.

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Service Navigation

A key component of all reentry services, service navigation supports the individual returning to the community from incarceration to access the help they need to develop a positive connection to the community and address obstacles to re-integration. The LRC reentry team collaborates closely with multiple service partners in the Lamoille Valley community.

Circles of Support and Accountability

aka CoSA

Formerly incarcerated individuals who are released on furlough status and are regarded by VT Department of Corrections as at high or moderate risk for re-offense are given the opportunity to participate in CoSA in addition to service navigation. CoSA are teams of community volunteers committed to supporting the formerly incarcerated individual for a full year after their release through weekly meetings and contact in the community.

Restorative Reintegration Panels

These panels meet with the formerly incarcerated individual twice monthly for a minimum of three months after their release to help them establish and follow through on goals to reintegrate back into the community and become engaged citizens.