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October Conversation on WLVB

Screenings of LRC’s documentary Downstream are in full swing again. The film is being shown  in St Johnsbury, Bennington and Newport

Downstream is a one-hour documentary featuring the compelling stories of those left behind when a parent goes to prison. Vermont children and caregivers share their experiences, revealing the complex and emotional terrain they navigate in the wake of a parent’s incarceration. To learn more about the film and find future screenings visit Downstream.

There are two conditions that are essential in helping keep people out of trouble; having a job and a place to live. Compound these challenges with being a teenager who as a young child has a parent that spent time in jail and also struggled in school. In the October conversation, you will learn about a young man who faced these challenges and learn how he is doing today.

To hear the October conversation click on the links below.