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May LRC Volunteer Spotlight

Anne Conway

Lamoille Restorative Center volunteer, Anne Conway, has been part of LRC since January 2010. She started as a front desk volunteer, answering the phone, filing and sending out panel schedule reminders.  Impressed with LRC’s mission and particularly interested in the Court Diversion Program, she joined a panel In January 2011. Anne was born in Hardwick but was raised and schooled in Morrisville. She moved to Boston in the 1980s and, after 28 years, returned to her roots, settling in Cady’s Falls.

We asked Anne to tell us more about herself. Here’s what she told us:

What motivates you to be part of the work of LRC? What’s the most satisfying part of the work you do at LRC? 

Being part of LRC, provides me with an opportunity to work with other members of our community, which includes the participant/offender, and to help that participant think about the harm done to others and to themselves by their actions. Additionally, it is rewarding to recognize when the participant has truly considered the actions and circumstances that he/she will avoid in the future.

The most satisfying aspect of my panel participation is that I am reminded that we are all in this together and we can make a difference in the lives of others.

Anne Conway

Anne Conway

What do you do for your work and play?

In 2009, I took a voluntary early retirement package from the company I had worked for in Boston for 23 years. However, after moving back to Vermont and one year of retirement, I discovered that I wasn’t ready for all the ‘free time’ and took a position as the Lamoille County Clerk. Since the position is only part-time, I enjoy my off-hours volunteering, gardening and spending time and travels with family.

 What is a “little known fact” about Anne Conway you’d like to share?

One somewhat “little known fact” is that my granddaughters call me ‘Mammie’. Another one is, that I am sure that no one knows, I am really not a blonde!!!

Anne has the kind of temperament and attributes that are perfect for being a panel volunteer. Even when working with a really challenging
case, she is non-judgmental and a “clean slate” each and every time. She listens empathetically and has a way of making connections with our
panel participants that makes them not just feel heard but also understood.

Many thanks Anne for all your years of service and support!