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March LRC Volunteer Spotlight

Lynne Jewett

Lamoille Restorative Center volunteer, Lynne Jewett, has been part of LRC since January 2015. She has served on three CoSA for the reentry program. Lynne grew up in Craftsbury, and lived in Eden and Morrisville for the last 30 years, so has been a member of the Lamoille Valley community all of her life.

 We asked Lynne to tell us more about herself. Here’s what she told us:

What motivates you to be part of the work of LRC? What’s the most satisfying part of the work you do at LRC?

I want to give back.  I was extremely lucky to have a loving and caring family who helped me become who I am and I feel I need to be that support for someone else who isn’t so lucky. I was always extremely involved in my children’s schools and once they graduated I needed to fill the void.  I have found this with LRC.  The most satisfying part of the work is being a part of a group and being appreciated.  I have made many new friends and feel like I am contributing to a successful program.

Lynne Jewett

Lynne Jewett

What do you do for your work and play?
I am a Retail Underwriter and Vice President at Union Bank.  I am going into my 30th year at that bank and I have held numerous positions throughout my career.  I never want to stop learning, I am a firm believer of continuing education and I love to be challenged.  My kids and family are my life, they keep me busy and happy but when I do have free time, I am an avid puzzle lover and in the summer I love being out in my flower gardens or taking care of my lawn.                                         

What is a “little known fact” about Lynne Jewett you’d like to share?

OH! This is tough one, I try to be an open book – I love roller coasters. My kids and I have been to numerous amusement parks through the years and done all the roller coasters, including one of the tallest drops in the country.

Lynne’s compassion and empathy are two of the invaluable assets she offers to the folks she supports at LRC.  Her bubbly personality and natural ability to connect with people make it difficult to not smile when she’s around!

Many thanks Lynne for all your years of service and support!