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March LRC Volunteer Spotlight

Ally Scanlon

Lamoille Restorative Center volunteer, Ally Scanlon, has been part of LRC since 2016. She has served on three CoSA (Circles of Support and Accountability). We asked Ally to tell us more about herself.

Here’s what she told us:

The Lamoille Valley has been my home for just about 7 years now and it is a beautiful place to be! I have been volunteering at the Lamoille Restorative Center for the past couple of years. I’ve always admired the great work being done at LRC, so I was very excited when the opportunity arose to participate as a volunteer within the COSA (Circle of Support & Accountability) program. Since the first team I joined, I have been invited to be a part of two other teams, one of which I am currently participating in as it just started up fairly recently. The other went for the full year available to the core member, was a great success and a true privilege to watch the growth happen each week for that individual.

What motivates you to be part of the work of LRC?        What’s the most satisfying part of the work you do at LRC?

Many things motivate me to be a part of the work at LRC. I believe deeply in the mission of the organization. Particularly as my “day job” is as an advocate for families and youth for the Clarina Howard Nichols Center, I saw volunteering with LRC as just another way to contribute to making a difference for the more vulnerable in this community. I also enjoy the sense of belonging it brings, volunteering alongside so many likeminded and wonderful people. It’s been immensely rewarding to make so many new connections; I’ve met new incredible individuals each time I have been on a COSA team and I love that! Finally of course and most importantly as I mentioned above – there is nothing more motivating or rewarding than seeing a core member transform. They may begin the journey with us feeling extremely vulnerable, judged, ashamed, or just generally hopeless. Over time, a different person ends up sitting in front of us. That individual now has a fresh outlook, a host of supports who never saw them as any of the things they may have been internalizing still surrounding and encouraging them, and they have accomplished so much growth and confidence within themselves. That’s what it’s all about – helping another human being achieve those things we all deserve and hope to have.

What do you do for your play?                                                                                                           

For play I get outside!! My favorite way to play is hiking! Here in the Green Mountains it’s just absolutely gorgeous and there is so much history in these woods, too. Having been a history major I’m always thinking about the past wherever I go and how it may have affected what is around us in the present day. So far, my favorite hiking accomplishment is hiking the infamous Hell Brook trail up Mount Mansfield – that was euphoric!! Can’t wait to do it again. But this summer, my primary goal is to hike King Ravine and the Ice Caves as part of my ascent to the top of Mount Adams in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. I also love biking, paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming in the ocean each summer. You can find me downhill skiing and snowshoeing in the winter!

What is a “little known fact” about Ally Scanlon you’d like to share?

A little known fact about me is that in a high school theatre production, I played Granny in the Beverly Hillbillies.

“Ally brings integrity and compassion to every CoSA she is part of. Her approach to CoSA participants conveys the belief that each of us can survive adversity, improve our circumstances and thrive.”

Bobby Blanchard
Director of Post-adjudication Services

Many thanks Ally for all your years of support and service!