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June and July Conversations on WLVB

Summer has arrived!

After a very successful spring screening tour of Downstream: The Effects of Parental Incarceration is now available for FREE VIEWING through Saturday, August 31, 2019.

Visit today to hear Vermont children share the challenges of having a parent in prison in this powerful documentary by Brad Salon of Bear Notch Productions.

Two LRC programs were highlighted in the June and July conversations with Roland Lajoie at WLVB. The first, Court Diversion, is a program that follows a balanced and restorative justice model: Repairing the wrongs that have been done by addressing the needs of victims, the community, and the offender. The second program, CoSA (Circles of Support and Accountability), supports individuals returning to the community after a period of incarceration with intensive service navigation and by meeting weekly with a small team of volunteers. Greg Stefanski joined Heather and Roland to share his experiences as a CoSA volunteer.

To hear the June and July conversations click on the links below.