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#GivingTuesday 2018










This November 27th consider including Lamoille Restorative Center in your annual giving.

#GivingTuesday is a global giving movement that has been built by individuals, families, organizations, business and communities in countries around the world. Millions of people have come together to support and champion the causes they believe in and the communities in which they live.

Lamoille Restorative Center has been addressing unlawful behaviors, supporting victims of crime and promoting healthy families in the Lamoille Valley Region for 38 years. Your commitment to our mission is invaluable and allows us to continue our work toward keeping people out of the criminal justice system by empowering them to make good choices and connect positively to our community.

Your contribution will provide supports for individuals and families in need. Help us provide clothing to an individual to wear to a job interview, help a mom get transportation so that she may get her child to the doctor, or help a family give their child the opportunity to participate in a winter sport at school.

Our agency could not do what it does without the generous support of a caring community. Every act of generosity counts, and each means more when we give together. Thanks for joining us to restore relationships, rebuild community and renew hope.

Visit Lamoille Restorative Center’s donate page at Any support is appreciated and goes toward interventions that save tax dollars, reduce recidivism and direct resources at addiction, mental health and poverty.

Thank you for supporting #GivingTuesday and Lamoille Restorative Center!

*To learn more about Lamoille Restorative Center and its programs, or to find out how to become a volunteer contact our office at 888-5871 or visit the website at