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LRC Volunteer Spotlight

 Mona Campbell


Lamoille Restorative Center volunteer, Mona Campbell, has been part of the Diversion Program for 26 years. She came on board when Chris Hindes was Director of LRC. Lamoille County has been Mona’s home all of her life, and the last 53 years she has lived in Morrisville.

We asked Mona to tell us more about herself. Here’s what she told us:


 What is your motivation to be part of the work at LRC?

Mona Campbell

My motivation to be part of LRC is the NEED to have someone who cares for the persons involved and the community. A member of my family went through diversion many years ago and I saw how much was involved ad how much people cared, and I wanted to be a part of that.

What is the most satisfying part of being a volunteer at LRC?

The most satisfying part of my volunteering is seeing how much the offenders improve their lives and feel better about themselves, and knowing that I helped them do that!

What do you do for work and play?

In 2013 I retired from Morrisville Lumber after 30 years. Since then, I have definitely loved retirement! I love being home, doing housework, and spending more time with my family. I am a member of the VFW post 9653 and the American Legion post 33 in Morrisville and enjoy volunteering for various little jobs at each organization. My husband and I are NASCAR fans and eventually will have been to every track. We have been to 15 tracks so far. When we go to each race we incorporate a vacation of sight- seeing. This year we expanded the race vacation to see the sights of North Dakota, visit friends, and see our first great-grandson in Caspar, Wyoming. Also I like to play bingo two nights a week.

What is a “little known” fact about you?

To name a “little known fact about me” is hard because I talk so much! Probably not many people know that I like to play the slots at casinos and at home. I go to Akwesasne four or five times a year and have been known to stop at a casino while on vacation, if we see one! At home I play for fun-no money involved-but it’s fun to gamble hundreds when it is make believe!!!

Mona is truly a part of the foundation of the Lamoille Restorative Center. As a volunteer in both the Reparative and Diversion Programs, she helps participants feel like a part of the community by connecting them back to people and places in Lamoille County. Mona is a meticulous note taker and this provides a great sense of comfort to know that she is always listening and capturing every detail. As one of our longest serving volunteers, she also uses her experience to help mentor those interested or new to volunteering with our organization.

Many thanks Mona for all your years of service and support!