Have crimes you committed many years ago kept you from achieving your goals?

Past charges and criminal records can prevent many Vermonters from getting the job they want, or getting help with housing or education. Some charges (like some DUIs) can be sealed – which means only government officials and law enforcement can see them. It also helps those who are parents engage more with their children’s education.

Contact Becky Penberthy at 802-730-2406 or bpenberthy@lrcvt.org.

DOWNSTREAM: THE EFFECTS OF PARENTAL INCARCERATION is live and available for screening anytime, for free! Click on the link below to see this compelling film.



Click on the link below to watch Eric Ford’s, Host of Made Here on VT PBS,  Q & A with Tricia Long, Director of Resilience Beyond Incarceration and Producer of DOWNSTREAM and Bess O’Brien, Director of the documentary COMING HOME.



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Restorative Justice in Lamoille County

The Lamoille Restorative Center is a community-based agency established to address unlawful behaviors, support victims of crime, and promote healthy families and communities within the Lamoille Valley Region of Vermont.

This year, we are celebrating 39 years of the organization’s history and look forward to continuing to serve the Lamoille Valley community.

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